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Update on “yellow collar” from Scarletts litter! Her Guardian home named her Fiona, they have three boys so now she is technically a Princess Fiona! she will be with us another week before she goes home with them.

She is fearless and smart! potty training during the day is going well, her accidents in her ex-pen are due to our busyness. She loves her bully sticks!

I’m going to work on getting her out of the house more for socialization outside of the home, that’s my goal for this week! If anyone local wants to meet us here in the front yard for some sibling play time on Tuesday or Friday, text me and we will try to set it up with a few pups!

Fiona had her 2nd night of sleeping through the night in her crate, she took to that right away. With Tex our apricot parti poodle potential stud here for a few weeks, she has had lots of time with other adult dogs and loves playing with her MOM! (Video of them wresting below)

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She’s so sweet!


You are amazing ❤️

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