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Frozen Smoothie Treat recipe & Daytime Crate Training tips

Daytime crate training is important for US as your breeder to start and YOU as the puppies family to continue.

Crate training your dog doesn't mean that your dog will ALWAYS have to be crated when you leave the house, but for the first 6-8 months of the dogs life, crating can help prevent potty and chewing accidents while you are gone.

(Our 6 1/2 week Goldendoodle puppies enjoying lunch above)

Daytime crate training starts when the puppy is young and involves creating a positive experience around being in the crate. We start our puppies out with an open door. They can go in and out as they please. Then we start closing the door for a few minutes while they eat their kibble and are distracted by a Kong or home-made treat like in the video above.

Baxter & Bella recommends feeding your dog in their crate. Eating is always a positive experience and this can also help them not have to fight for their food if you have other dogs in the house.

Eventually, your dog will sleep where you want them to, whether on your bed or on the floor. Having the crate set up and available can provide a quiet place where your dog will enjoy going to for respite.

(Finley and her crate shown above)

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