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KitKat is still available!

If you are looking for a larger mini/smaller medium Goldendoodle, KitKat is it! She is approx 83% poodle and 17% Golden retriever, has a curly coat. She is from parents with great temperaments and she already acts like her mom Lady in mannerisms and athleticism!

If you are looking for a running buddy, then she is it! She's is extremely fast and agile; has

climbing ability (hence the 4 foot exercise pen we have her in, haha) and she is motivated to learn new things.

She has been night time crate training as well as started daytime crating training by eating her meals in her crate. KitKat has started on early leash walking and has a solid come command already! She "mands" for attention and treats. She has already proven herself a great travel buddy since she doesn't get car sick.

KitKat has had an innocent occasional heart murmur since her initial visit to the vet. My reproductive vet is not concerned and believes it will resolve by the time she is 12 weeks old. Most innocent murmurs resolve by 6 months. This does not make her "fragile" or sickly.

Both parents have full health testing and both have normal Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Basic Heart certifications. This is when a certified vet or a veterinarian Cardiologist auscultates the heart for murmurs or other cardiac conditions.


Apricot P&G's Sir Charles and his health testing

On another note, we had Charlie our potential future petite goldendoodle stud started on some of his OFA certifications last Sunday at an OFA clinic in Carlsbad. He had a cardiologist report that he

has a grade 1 soft murmur and since he is 9 months old, it is unlikely to resolve. We know that this Basic Cardiac exam is a preliminary till after he turns one year old so our plan is to repeat it after his 1st birthday in April. If it has resolved, we will get a cardiac echocardiogram to confirm no issues. If they again hear the murmur, then he will no longer be a breeding candidate and will be neutered at the appropriate age and released from our program. We are praying it resolves as we were so looking forward to having some smaller litters this year and for the next few years.

The good news is Charlie will be find physically with this murmur, even if it doesn't resolve and will not need treatment or medications.


Breeding plans moving forward

Moving forward, we will be having mostly standard and medium litters. We had planned on breeding Penny & Charlie on her next heat in the future but now will repeat our last breeding with Penny & Tex! This will be a litter of F1bb apricot Goldendoodles. Originally we thought their puppies would be 50-70lbs, but we are getting updates that their puppies from their first litter are more around the 52-54lb size range right now at 9 months old. We expect typical standards from this breeding. We will open up their waitlist once Penny starts her heat cycle so we can better predict when the puppies would be born and Go-Home date.

We have two litters of standards due in February. See the previous blog posting for more information on those. Two weeks till puppies are born!

Penny & Tex past puppies


Newest Apricot P&G potential mama

We did add a new member to our breeding program. Meet Chloe Rayne! She is 35.5% Golden Retriever.

Chloe is a mini multigenerational Goldendoodle who is expected to be 20-22lbs full grown. She is currently 8 1/2 weeks old and right around 4.5lbs. She is living in a guardian home in San Diego with one of Bailey's Grandpa's as a brother! If Chloe completes her health testing, she will have litters of mini goldendoodle and possibly petite goldendoodles in 2025.

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