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Updates and opportunities

We know that everyone wants to be "in-the-know" so here are the most recent updates on our program and puppies!

  • Lark just started her heat yesterday, which means we will not complete her hip Xray till

sometime in June or July. Her early PennHip and one year OFA hip Xray reports on her hip testing have been contradicting and inconclusive. I have communicated closely with the orthopedic surgeon at my veterinary hospital in Carlsbad regarding retesting before making decisions regarding breeding her or not. He thinks it likely that it was malpositioning during the tests that gave the appearance of hip laxity in only one joint in the first test and then only in the opposite hip on the second. So we will wait!

Since Lark will not be bred till she passes her hip testing and has her third heat, we will tentatively plan on breeding her with our up-coming Golden Retriever stud Indy around her 2nd birthday in November 2023.

  • Speaking of our AKC Golden Retriever potential studs, both Apricot P&G's Indiana "Indy" of Deer Creek and Apricot P&G's Master "Parker" of Deer Creek are almost 20 weeks old!

Indy and Parker are from the same breeder but different litters with different sets of parents. We knew that Parker our golden-colored male came to us with undescended testicles. That is why we also got a second male from another litter, but we had hoped that they would descend by the time Parker was 4 months old as they often do- that has not happened.

Because of this, we do not see ourselves being able to breed Parker, but he will continue to live with his Guardian home and "brother" Indy and start competing in AKC events.

Indy is our cream Golden Retriever potential stud who we plan on breeding to our phantom poodles Lark and Lady for black and tan phantom F1 Goldendoodles once he has passed preliminary health testing this summer. Indy is part of a separate breeding project to produce very rare black and tan, phantom-colored puppies. It is something I have been working towards for 2 1/3 years and from these potential pairings, Phantom puppies would be placed primarily with breeders. Indy's parents having titles in agility which he will also be competing in.

  • Fiona is our upcoming F1 Goldendoodle breeding female! She is very large at 62lbs and is currently 15 months old.

Fiona is the daughter of Scarlett's first litter last year and is completing her elbow and cardiac testing in June!

We do not know if she will cycle her heat once a year like her mom or if she will have a more normal heat cycle every 6 months, This means her first litter could be a September 2023 litter, but we won't know till it happens.

We plan on breeding her to our phantom Poodle stud Jax once she is finished with health test and has her heat. Jax has an amazing temperament, is low-drive poodle and eager to please. Jax and Fiona will have apricot puppies as well as our first black and phantom Goldendoodle puppies! Very excited for this large litter and have interest already in their potential puppies.

Jax was bred recently to a female poodle in Las Vegas and a San Diego bordedoodle breeder (border collie X poodle mix). We are hoping they have successful litters!

We may be looking for a Guardian Home for a female poodle if we keep one back from the Las Vegas litter! If you are interested in potentially being a Guardian Home for a brown and tan phantom standard poodle female, please contact us below by email:


  • We are planning on keeping one of three female puppies back for breeding from Finley X Duke litter of medium (40-50lbs) multigenerational Goldendoodles and are looking for the right Guardian home!

Teal collar Pink Collar Purple Collar

What is a Guardian Home?

Our Guardian homes receive a dog for free while we retain legal and breeding rights till the dog is done breeding. For females, this is typically around age five. The benefit to us is the ability to grow our breeding program and not rehome adult dogs once they are done breeding. The benefits to the Guardian Homes are having breeding quality pets and the ability to raise your dog in your own home with your family. Once the dog is done breeding, the Guardian Home will have full legal rights to the dog once they are spayed or neutered at the breeders expense. Guardian Homes have to live within 1 hour of Murrieta, Ca where we are located and need to have fully fenced in yard with 6-foot fencing. It is preferred (but not required) that Guardian Homes for female dogs also have another dog since we will have to have the female dog back for 6-7 weeks while having their puppies 1-2 times a year. If you are interested in being a Guardian home in the future for a female dog, please fill out our Guardian home application below and email to my email listed above:

Download DOCX • 69KB

We are still taking a few more applications and deposits for Penny & Tex's litter or F1bb Goldendoodles so if you are interested, apply using the button on our Current Litters page or online at:

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