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How are your pups doing?

Hello everyone!

My name is Stephanie and I took home Lux (Bailey’s dark blue)

I wanted to share a little update of Lux and was hoping to hear how it’s been going for everyone.

Lux is doing great! He is a quick learner and is very very smart which is a good thing but can also be a bad thing. The constant phrase this past week has been “you’re too smart for your own good”.

He is definitely growing! It’s amazing to see how much they can grow in just a weeks time. He is doing amazing with potty training. When he’s in his playpen he lets us know he has to go. If he’s out his playpen during training and playtime with us he will run to the door and paw at it.

He doesn’t mind being in his playpen. But he’s a wanderer and is not a fan of being confined in his kennel if the door is open he loves it but if it’s closed he doesn’t do very well so crate training has been a bit of a pain. He has taken to us quite quickly and is coming to us for comfort already. 🥰

Please share any updates/questions/suggestions I would love to hear how it’s going with everyone else!

Also, If anyone is in the San Diego area and wants some safe puppy play time feel free to contact me it’s hard to socialize with other doggies during the fully vax waiting period.

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Do any of you guys live close to Whittier?


Hi Puppy Families! I’m Sherry and Jim and adopted Scarlett’s pup, Beau James aka black collar. We are so in love!! He slept through the night for the first time last night, but has always done well in his crate. He plays hard and naps good 👏. He’s doing really well in potty training never used the pads even though we kept them down the first week. He’s learning fast, sit, lay and always sits for please (Great job Ashley) come, off and down is a work in progress but getting better everyday. I got him a stroller for my exercise (I’m used to 5 miles/day) I needed more than chasing him to get the wood chips he was chewing. We…


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Awww.. my hubby was in love with him! Haha he just recently said I wonder what light blue looks like now. Norman and Lux seemed to always be cuddled up and playing together it would be fun to have them meet up.


Awww I love these updates! We have light blue collar, now Norman. He is loving his crate and will nap in there and sleeps in it at night. Potty training has been a struggle for us. I have a side yard with turf and he’s not into using it. He prefers the real grass in the yard. He’s such a sweetheart and loves to cuddle and learn tricks. We are following the Baxter and Bella program and I like it a lot. I’m also in San Diego and would love to get pups together


Hello 👋🏼 My name is Cristina &I brought home Butters (Bailey’s black collar) The 1st two days were hard. Butters did not want to be alone if he wasn’t with us he would cry. But things r getting better. Kennel training is going good @ 1st he would cry but now he goes in no problem & sleeps in it at night. We get up only one time during the night to let him go potty. Potty training is going ok . We think he has it down because everything start going good & then he seems to take a few steps back & goes potty where he is not supposed to. But reading your suggestions i think i just need…

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