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Puppy Pick Day tomorrow!

As many of you know, we don't have our families pick out their puppy till the puppies are 6 weeks old. We do this for several reasons but mostly so the puppies are old enough to show their unique differences! Picking in person is preferred but we do have some families that live too far away to come in person so we also host picking over a Zoom call if needed.

The multigenerational Goldendoodles from Finley & Duke's litter had their first baths today and will be ready to meet their future families! I'm sure to say the families coming tomorrow are excited is an understatement!

We have two spots left in this litter and are still looking for a Guardian home for our pick of the litter, Purple Collar female.

If interested in a puppy from this litter or learning more about being a guardian home, email me at

Yellow-male Green-male Pink-female

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I love green male he is beautiful

Ashley De Lisle
Ashley De Lisle
Apr 29, 2023
Replying to

The parti Goldendoodles are dreamy 😍

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