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Bailey is getting spayed today and I’m honestly a little sad. She our foundation female whom we started our program with and it is a closing of that chapter in our program. Bailey is our four-year-old apricot standard poodle. She has given birth to thirty-three beautiful puppies over the four litters!

Bailey started as our pet and will remain as our pet in our home since we don’t rehome retire dogs in our program.

we are thankful for all the wonderful families and homes who have her puppies and carry on her legacy!

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We are honored and privileged to be in her bloodline. In fact, I see Bailey in many of Sage’s expressions! I can see why you are sad but it is only the beginning of a new chapter for Bailey. We are getting Sage fixed in a couple of weeks btw. She’s already had two cycles and we got Kobe fixed first. Sending much love to all of you!


Aww 😍 i am so glad i got to get a puppy from one of her litters.


Wishing Bailey a speedy recovery. We are so grateful for our sweet Finley ❤️ She is such a good mama.


Aww Bailey! Thank you for our little Lux!

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